Women Entrepreneurs International Trade and Technology Center

Reiterating its commitment to help women entrepreneurs grow and scale globally.


ALEAP initiated a new annex , Women Entrepreneurs International Trade and Technology Center – WE ITTC . WE ITTC is an entrepreneurial movement, a focused attempt for unlocking the growth for women by understanding their dreams, aspirations and challenges and facilitating them to grow globally in trade ,manufacturing and technology domains .

ALEAP with its 27 years of vast, relevant, and rich experience in women’s entrepreneurship and being one among the top women entrepreneur organizations has rightly identified gap and current need. ALEAP’s visionary leaders envisioned a new vision and goal for women entrepreneurs and their new mission is shaped as “Women Entrepreneurs International Trade and Technology Centre (WE ITTC) “. Promoting a women-inclusive business ecosystem requires a global, multi-pronged, and multi-stakeholder approach.

WE ITTC – A leap step from ALEAP

Women Entrepreneurs International Trade and Technology Centre (WEITTC) is registered under Sec.8 of the Companies Act, 2013 exclusively for women entrepreneurs for the promotion of MSMEs [Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises] in India and marketing network facilities in India & abroad. With all its 27 years of rich experience and expertise and visionary leadership , the Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India (ALEAP) partners with WE ITTC for a successful journey ahead together.


WE ITTC will build an end to end supporting ecosystem for women entrepreneurs and innovators which includes professional, personal and technology/digital training, Coaching, mentoring, partnerships, resources, and funding/incubation support and market reach


WE ITTC quips entrepreneurs with business knowledge, financial tools, resources , market reach ,technology transfer and networks which are necessary to maintain profitable and scalable businesses that retain employments and build strong business communities across the globe


WE ITTC another focus point is to support unorganised micro businesses. Efforts are towards transforming these sector women into organised & growth-oriented enterprises with a vision by scaling their products and services .Supporting them with government policies & regulations business

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