Know your global market

Developing global trade and market intelligence is very critical to international business success. WE ITTC facilitates women entrepreneurs with innovative, cutting-edge market information and support by :

I. WE ITTC will organise Product Display Exhibitions at the Centre for the women entrepreneurs to market their products by displaying their products at the exhibitions. WE ITTC will coordinate with Private/Government Departments for the women entrepreneurs to participate in the Exhibitions conducted in all the States of India.

Ii. International conferences (virtual /Physical) : WE ITTC will provide space at the proposed Centre for conducting conferences, meetings, etc for the women entrepreneurs.

Iii. Collaborating with local trade and investment support institutions to improve regional trade and market as well strengthening the skills of local partners in effectively using global trade and market intelligence to scale up

Iv. Developing new and innovative approaches to sell their products and services

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